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As a result of large-scale research in the Armenian market, the company began to cooperate with high-quality foreign lubricants manufacturers.

British company “Morris Lubricants” became our first partner. The partnership agreement was signed in 1998. It has been 25 years since “Eriak” LTD is the official and exclusive representative for “Morris Lubricants” in the Republic of Armenia.

Thanks to the mutually beneficial partnership and persistent work, the production of “Morris Lubricants” became known and highly demanded among Armenian consumers.

In line with the local market’s developing trends, “Eriak” LTD acquired new partners. A contract was sealed with Dutch company “North Sea Lubricants” in 2013, followed by another successful partnership with Japanese company “Mitasu” in 2014. The latter’s lubricants and greases gained wide recognition and high demand in a very short period of time.

In 2018 Eriak LTD has signed a distribution ship contract with HIFI Filter group to provide local market with high quality European filters.

From August 2018 Eriak LTD started cooperation with Lubriplate Lubricants a well-known American manufacturer of lubricants. The greases produced by this company are widely used and are in demand in the food industry, heavy duty equipment and industrial equipment service.

The following three principles are the foundation of our company: trust, quality, and safety.


Dear customers, Eriak LTD keeps under its everyday attention the protection of imported lubricants
and oils from possible faking. It is not a secret, that a certain quantity fake products of various wellknown
brands from food to clothes, paints, oils, electronic devises are circulated in the market. This
tendency harms not only importers and exporters, but the customers as well. Protection of goods and
their quality is one of the main priorities for Eriak LTD. For this reason, Eriak LTD was one of the
first companies in the market that started applying protecting mechanisms to prevent faking of
lubricants. This has been initiated since year 2015. The following lubricants in 4, 5 and 6 liter
canisters imported by Eriak LTD, are protected with red colored disposable protective films. When
this protective film is moved, the “opened” sign appears.
The 20, 25, 60, 200 and 205 liters oil containers are sealed with the specially numbered plastic seals
with the hand pumps attached to the containers. These are also for disposable use and are cut off if

Avoid faked goods.

While buying Morris, Mitatsu and North Sea lubricants, please be sure that the protective film and
plastic seals are in place. In case of identifying lubricants that do not have protective films or plastic
seals, or they are damaged, please notify Eriak LTD by calling with the following numbers:
010441969, 077011171,099999771.


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